Ice Cream Corner

The Ice Cream Corner

Dr. Bernard’s takes advantage of the good weather with yet another concept: the Ice Cream Disco Corner. It’s a kiosk, with lots of music and ice cream, as you can quickly tell from the name. The space is colorful, as Dr. Bernard has gotten us used to, playing disco music all day long, reminiscent of a party atmosphere.
Among the main menu, highlights are the ice creams by Davvero, the artisan brand from Lisbon. It uses only natural ingredients and produces several lactose-free and gluten-free options. The menu is always being changed according to the ingredients of the season. In the Ice Cream Disco Corner options there will always be 10 ice creams. Besides the cones, it is possible to order the ice cream in waffles, which they also make there.
All this can be accompanied by a drink. There are coffees, soft drinks, and waters, but also raspberry and thyme, lemon and matcha, peach and ginger, or kombucha juices.